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An experienced and knowledgable triathlon coach is your ticket to progressing in the sport of triathlon. We can help you with everything from getting ready for your first race to qualifying for Ironman Kona. Talk with us today to see what we can do for you!

Swim Stroke Analysis

Swim stroke efficiency is the key to success as a triathlete or competitive swimmer.  Proper body position and increased power production are key ingredients to improving stroke efficiency.  An effective freestyle stroke will help reduce unwanted drag, reduce energy expenditure, and create a cleaner hand and arm entry in the water.  Having your stroke technique evaluated by a USAT certified coach can be essential in improving stroke efficiency, and ultimately improving your swim time in training and competition.

A 1-hour session includes:

• Stroke Evaluation
• Proper technique instruction
• Drills to help you improve your technique
• Video of your current stroke
• Written recap with You Tube links for you to review your stroke at home

What you will need to bring:

• Your swim suit
• A towel
• Swim goggles (and a cap if desired)

$65 for one hour session.
Please contact us for a group rate

Bike Analysis

I can help you increase bike efficiency by focusing on greater pedal power and proper cadence so you can feel ready to tackle the run course.  An individualized nutrition strategy is also crucial during this stage of the race.

$45 for one hour session.

CompuTrainer and TACX Trainer

CompuTrainer Training in our home studio:  We can now offer the most comprehensive indoor cycling training available.  Not only will CompuTrainer give you mph and cadence, you will be able to view watts, pedal output and Spin Scan analytics which will assist you in creating a more balanced pedal stroke.  We have more than fifty 3D courses ranging from sprint to Ironman distance, as well as Real Course Videos for Ironman World Championships, Ironman Wisconsin, Ironman Lake Placid, Ironman 70.3 California, and many more. 

We recently added a TACX Ironman Smart Trainer to our studio. Run off ANT+ and Bluetooth technology, it simulates resistance of an actual bike course with slopes up to 20% and down to -5% for descents. We have TACX films for Ironman World Championship and Ironman Texas.

$10 per hour without coaching (riding solo in our studio).
$20 per hour coached.

Vision Multi-Sport Testimonials

"As an athlete, there is no more magical/impactful moment then pushing yourself or being pushed, to a point that you honestly didn't think your body was capable of doing, let alone handling, and finding that in fact, you CAN do it.
Needless to say, I had an AMAZING interval running session this morning and maintained paces that I didn't even realize I was capable of reaching, let alone maintaining.
I am absolutely loving my new Tri training group and classes!" — with Andrea Hirth." - DS

"I'm so happy. I felt strong the entire race. 32.41 for the run. I can't thank everyone enough for all the support. Andrea Hirth, I left everything out there no regrets! Thank you for everything." - KR

"Last year at this time I did my first tri. A week before the race I changed my race to the shorter distance race that was offered. For a year that bothered me, today I have conquered my fear of swimming in open water by myself, did my first sprint distance triathlon and am on cloud nine! Thank you Andrea Hirth!" - KG

"Well I just wanted to swim across the lake and it was better than ever! I had a great time! And to all of you who cheered me on, thank you all! Thank you for believing in me Andrea Hirth." - BC

"I did it! Have no idea what my time was as of yet but I had a PR since it was my 1st Olympic distance:) Thank you Andrea Hirth and Scott Hirth for all the help! Would have never attempted this without your encouragement!" - TB

"Andrea, I can not even begin to thank you and your awesome husband enough for today's swim clinic! Honestly, I feel like i left with so much great information, and I find myself so pumped to get back in the pool! I'm even thinking of adding another swim day to my schedule to just work on technique drills. Today's clinic was easily the best investment I have made in a long time." - DS

"Training with Andrea Hirth will significantly improve your time and your self confidence." - JH

"I never would have made it through my first tri without Andrea's help." - KG

"I am amazed!! I took 8 minutes off my swim time for the same event from last year." - TH

"With Coach Andrea's encouragement and training plan, I've completed my first 10 mile race-even faster than I ever imagined!!" - SV"

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Vision Multi-Sport | Triathlon Training

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