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October 2017


Bank of America Chicago Marathon - Scott

Raced my 2nd Chicago Marathon today...last was in 2013. About 60 and sunny at the start going up to low 70s by the finish


September 2017


Ironman Wisconsin - Scott

Pretty nice weather again. Chilly 50 at the start warming to sunny 70. Water temp 66. Wave start for the 2.4mi swim. I was in 5 of 6. Took me a little to settle in at first as I tried to find open space...



Ironman Wisconsin - Andrea

IMWI 2017....started just like the previous 4 despite being undertrained for the marathon which I was okay with an super excited to enjoy the 26.2 mile "sport walk"/run...


September 2016


Ironman Wisconsin - Scott

Race recap 2016 Ironman Wisconsin. This was my second Ironman WI. Last year, I fractured a rib and separated my shoulder the week before the race and was told by my doctor to drop out. I think most are familiar with how that story played out. I had good health this year leading into the race.



Ironman Wisconsin - Andrea

IMWI 2016 Race Recap….the #2016doubledouble finale
Wow….Ironman #5 complete. I love racing in Madison. The course is challenging, the crowds are big and loud and the volunteers are amazing. I love that it’s local for us and it draws so many people we know to come and cheer and support.


May 2016


Ironman Texas

RIMTX 2016 Race Recap…..get a snack and a drink-it’s the unabridged version.

Half of the #2016doubledouble (2x70.3, 2x140.6) is in the books!!!

First, a little back story…..There were plenty of things I knew were going to be tough as soon as I signed up for IMTX…


April 2016


Ironman 70.3 California

Raced our first tri of the season today, Ironman 70.3 Oceanside, CA. This was our third time doing this race, and it never fails to disappoint w/ how brutally hard the bike course is. Short story...set a 4 min bike pr, but may have paid for it w hamstring cramps on the run. Swim and run were nothing special, but I was able to pull out a 0:10 PR on this course.

For those wanting details--Perfect weather. Low 50s and sunny at swim start. Water temp 62. It's a big, competitive race that had over 3300 participants start. My wave started near the back this yr, so there was a decent amount of traffic, especially early...


September 2015


Ironman Wisconsin

Last Sunday marked my first attempt at the full Ironman distance after completing 8 half distance races.  I’ll start w/ the Cliff’s notes version, and then go into  more detail for those that are interested. 

The race consists of a 2.4 mile swim in Lake Monona, a 1-loop 112 mile bike around the surrounding hilly farm country, and a 2-loop 26.2 mile run through Madison covering State St to the shores of Lake Mendota.  The forecast was close to perfect.  Cool start warming into the 70s by mid day and then cooling by the marathon finish.  Mostly sunny w/ 8-10mph winds….


July 2015


Ironman 70.3 Racine

July 19th was my sixth Ironman 70.3 Racine. Weather was warm. 75 & humid when we arrived in the a.m. w/ forecasts to hit 83 & sunny. With Ironman Wisconsin roughly 2 months away, this is a perfectly timed race to see where your fitness is at. In the past, some doing IMWI have said to me that they use Racine as a "training day". That was never my plan, however. I understand wanting to try out different things in prep for IM, but to show up for a long distance race of this nature w/ "training day" intensity is not something I could do...


April 2015


St. Anthony's Triathlon

We raced our 6th St. Anthonys triathlon in St. Pete FL today.

Here is the Cliff Notes recap for those who don't care bout the detail: Hot and very humid. Non-wetsuit legal swim. Chop was moderate..it has been worse in Tampa Bay. 35:18 for 1.5k. I could tell early that it was gone to be hard to generate enough power on the bike to push the #?s I thought possible. Went through 3 bottles of fluid. Battled 17mph wind. 1:18 for 40k. I was hoping for a miracle on the run w/ a GU and a Salt Stick in T2, but that didn't happen. Battled a few cramps, but bottom line was the heat/humidity zapped my strength. The splits were pathetic all the way through...but it was all I had in the tank. 1:04 10k to finish in 3:01. No qualifier for me this yr, and I really knew it even b4 the run started.
Now more detail for the tri friends interested: It was already 80 degrees at 4 am when we woke up. Humidity had to be in the 90s. Water temp 81.5 and we knew even b4 we got to FL that this wasn't going to be a wetsuit legal swim.

I battled a lot of traffic early on...took a foot to the goggles...



Effective Changes

With my first long distance race under my belt (IM 70.3 Cali), I thought I would recap some of the changes I made for this season and how they have worked out so far.

It all started with my switching to the early morning workout vs. exercise after work.  While the hardest part is getting out of bed between 4-4:30 a.m., it has proven to be a great way to get the day started.  I have found the quality of my workouts to be at a more consistent and higher intensity.  It is also cleared up time after work that can now be devoted to family and other obligations not related to triathlon.  I know as IMWI gets closer, 2x day workouts are on the horizon, but this change is one I should've started a long time ago...


March 2015


Ironman 70.3 Oceanside

Oceanside, CA

Andrea's Recap:

You know the feeling.... It's a race you've done and you can't wait to have another go at it because your training has been solid and your feeling stronger than ever. The familiarity is comforting and frightening all at the same time. I had no foresight of finishing my race in the medical tent yesterday. Given the worse of 2 evils, I'd pick medical over DNF every time. I'm going to... race with my whole heart every time.

Swim was not cold. As I walked down the boat ramp, I thought of my awesome swim training partners who have helped me build a solid swim. Had it in my mind I was going to do this swim for Dion.....you'll always be a fish to me! We swim in a channel-like harbor out toward to great Pacific and back. Has a few bends going both ways.


Scott's Recap:

We started our Tri season at IM 70.3 Oceanside today. Conditions perfect. 67 degree water temp for a swim in a protected harbor, so didn't have to deal w the high surf warnings that have been out for a few days. 41 mins for the 1.2mi. The 56mi bike is the hardest course of any Tri I've done. Many rollers for the 1st 28mi, then the fun starts w 3 large hills over the next 14mi. 6-7mph not uncommon on some of the 11% grade climbs. As much as I've ridden this course on the Compu... Trainer this winter, it's still very, very tough and really wears u down for the balance of the race. I had planned to hit 3hrs, and finished 3:04. It didn't take 1/3 of a mile on the half marathon for the hamstring cramps to start again. However I was determined not to turn the 13.1mi into a run/walks a be out there for 2:30.


September 2014


Ironman Wisconsin

Madison, WI

Swim:  1:17

T1:  10:34

Bike:  6:30

T2:  9:59

Run:  4:39

Overall division rank:  29/131

Overall gender rank:  159/601

Overall rank:  922/2826

Going about this one a little differently. Being a 2nd time participant, it is clearly obvious that the order in which the story is told starts with family, friends and volunteers - all of which made the whole Ironman weekend perfect and so memorable for me. First, thank you Scott for being my rock for the last year. You've pumped me up and at times made my head so big I wondered how we were both going to fit under the same roof. Should m...ake 2015 and interesting journey on our way to being an "Iron-couple."


July 2014


Ironman 70.3 Racine

Racine, WI

June 2014


ITU World Triathlon Chicago

Chicago, IL

May 2014


Wisconsin Marathon

Kenosha, WI

April 2014


St. Anthony's Triathlon

St. Petersburg, FL

Swim: 31:37

T1: 2:23

Bike: 1:13:11 (20.3mph)

T2: 2:22

Run: 52:15 (8:26 avg)

Overall division rank: 18 / 89

Overall gender rank: 93 / 519

Overall rank: 529 / 1692

Fifth year in a row competing at St. Anthony’s Triathlon and it was again a USAT Age Group Nationals qualifier.  Competing triathletes must finish in the top 33% of their age division to be invited to compete in the championship race.  Heat and humidity on race day in St. Petersburg, FL is the norm for this race.  We arrived a couple of days early to enjoy a little spring break time with the family and acclimate to the conditions.  The swim in Tampa Bay was warm and wavy, but not enough to make conditions unsafe for all participants.  Wind on the bike was lower than it’s been in the past making this relatively flat course faster than usual.  The run, as is typical, is mid-late morning and the day is really starting to heat up.  Struggled a little on the back half, but pleased with my overall results.  And yes, I did qualify for AG Nationals!!

March 2014


Ironman 70.3 California

Oceanside, CA

Swim: 37:18 (div rank 19)

T1: 7:52

Bike: 3:09:20 avg pace 17.5mph (div rank 28)

T2: 3:00

Run: 2:00:36 avg pace 9:12 (div rank 27)

Finish:  5:58:06

Overall division rank: 27 / 118

Overall gender rank: 156 / 584

Overall rank: 966 / 2420

Ironman 70.3 California in Oceanside was an amazing destination race and great way to start the 2014 triathlon season.  Oceanside Harbor in the Pacific Ocean was cool, but calm.  Bike course featured hills we are nowhere near accustomed to in the Midwest, but ample CompuTrainer rides on the course had me feeling well prepared.  Run course had its ups and downs with beautiful ocean views and rustling palms.  I found it interesting that the field of athletes who competed was made up of an unbalanced 1836 men and only 584 women.  Pleased to finish competitively at 27/118 in my age division and 156/584 for all ladies with a time of 5:58:06.  Yes!!!  Achieved my goal of sub 6. 

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