Ironman Wisconsin 09/10/17

This was my 3rd Ironman Wisonsin.

Pretty nice weather again. Chilly 50 at the start warming to sunny 70. Water temp 66.

Wave start for the 2.4mi swim. I was in 5 of 6. Took me a little to settle in at first as I tried to find open space. But once we got ~500m in it wasn't too bad. I expected worse as this race had always been mass start, with 3000 people all going at 7a, which I like. Thought I had a good line but must have veered off. Not sure what my Garmin had, but I have a feeling I swam ~2.6mi in 1:24.

T1 was slow, but I've had a cold and fever, so mind wasn't totally clear and I wanted to move slow and make sure I didn't forget anything...which I did anyways...Vaseline in the bottom of my T1 bag. At least I had some in special needs, but that was 60mi down the road. Ouch

The 112mi bike has 5000ft of elevation and almost constant rolling hills. I rode the first half right on pace for what I planned. But by loop 2, I could tell my legs were shot. Every hill was in granny gear. And I struggled to get to 100w on the flats. I'm not a good hill climber, but this was really deflating. I was zapped. I finished in 7hrs, 16mph. When Tom Herricks tells u the bike course was really hard today, I guess it wasn't just me.

I knew this wouldn't bode well for the run. I tried to catch a 2nd wind in T2, hoping for a miracle. I started out ok but my legs were really tired and I knew 2:19 I ran for the first half of the 26.2 marathon wouldn't be sustainable for long. I prob 'sport' walked 10mi on the back half for a 5:36 marathon. Very disheartening, lonely, defeating and humbling. The run has been my ace in the hole here the last 2 yrs and I just had nothing on the back half.
14:27 overall time.

Congrats to all the participants. Thank you to Andrea for all her coaching, support and kicks in the pants. ?. All those who we have trained with leading up to this day. All those who supported and volunteered today. You helped keep the glass half full. And of course Alexis and friend Kelly who blow everyone away w a post race that would make all 3000 IMWI participants envious.

- Scott