Bank of America Chicago Marathon 10/08/17

Raced my 2nd Chicago Marathon today...last was in 2013. About 60 and sunny at the start going up to low 70s by the finish.

All of Grant Park is blocked off for athletes which is really nice when u have 44k runners. Somehow I got seeded in Corral C and when I showed up the slowest pace grp sign was 3:30. Allow me to just stay out of the way of those of you who really belonged in C. Seriously however, there is plenty of space on the Chicago streets for all runners in each given corral. Having just finished Ironman WI 4wks ago, I really was just hoping I could finish <4hr. I started out running by feel and was is the 8:15mi area thru ~10mi. It went up somewhat by 13.1, but I was still at 1:48 half way thru feeling ok. My hr was the mid 150s...but felt sustainable. My pace drifted higher in the 8:30-8:40 area w/ hr ~160 thru 19mi. I was able to hold on to ~9min miles thru 22 w/ my R hamstring and calf getting a little tight. The tightness passed but fatigue was setting in and I could tell breaking my 3:44 from 2013 just wasn't going to happen today. I gave it everything I had coming N on Mich Ave, but couldn't muster much more than a 9:40-9:50mi. Finished in 3:48 for an 8:43 pace. Happy w/ the result

Time for a break from the long distance stuff for at least a couple of months. I think I'll play more golf.

Congrats to all finishers. It was a hot one and the only shade was provided by the buildings...which fortunately there are many.

Thanks to Chera, DJ, and Paul for encouraging me not to sell my bib after IM. And Andrea for all her support and fantastic race week meals. Marisa and Nick at Athletico PT to get my gimpy ankle ready. Chicago PD and all the race volunteers really make this a great race give the huge # of racers and spectators. CPD had all of Mich Ave closed off in the race and post race nice is that! No race has more Gatorade and water at the ready. I feel fortunate to have this World Marathon Major so close to home.


- Scott