Ironman 70.3 Racine, Racine, WI 07/19/15

July 19th was my sixth Ironman 70.3 Racine. Weather was warm. 75 & humid when we arrived in the a.m. w/ forecasts to hit 83 & sunny. With Ironman Wisconsin roughly 2 months away, this is a perfectly timed race to see where your fitness is at. In the past, some doing IMWI have said to me that they use Racine as a "training day". That was never my plan, however. I understand wanting to try out different things in prep for IM, but to show up for a long distance race of this nature w/ "training day" intensity is not something I could do.

SWIM: We practiced Saturday afternoon and there was a good chop on the water and current moving from SE. Now the race goes almost 1mi straight S, so if the chop and current didn't change, this was going to be tough w/ current right in our face. Fortunately the water was relatively flat come Sun a.m. w/ small current E to W. Temp 61, which is perfect imo. No overheating in a long sleeve wetsuit...we all knew there would be plenty of that on the bike & run. 1.2mi in 37:33, which is almost a 3:30 swim PR.

BIKE: Bumpy is an understatement for the roads in Racine County. Even w/ my new bibs and the mattress pad in them, I was feeling it by mi 35. Fortunately the course is very flat. There was some wind on the way out, but I was hitting the power, HR, and cadence #?s I have been targeting in IM training for the 1st half so I didn't try to kill it even though the speed wasn't on target. But w/ only a 18.9 mph avg on the first 28mi, I knew I had to take advantage of the tailwind on the 2nd half. Garmin said I finished w/ a 19.2 mph avg for just under 57mi (course adjustments made it longer than standard 56mi). In hindsight, I should've pushed more watts, but I just didn't feel as though that strength was there if I wanted to break 2hrs on run. Time = 2:57

RUN: It took me a few minutes to gather myself in T2. 3:45 on the watch when I started running, so I knew a PR (5:47) could be in the cards if I could go even 2hrs. I have always dealt w/ hamstring cramps on the run in these long distance races, so after 6wks of PT and daily stretching, my #1 goal on the run was to avoid cramping. I got a small cramp b/w the first two hills, but worked it out and didn't have to deal w/ that the rest of the day. From there I was conscious to walk every aid station pouring water on myself, grabbing cola, Gatorade and ice. This definitely slowed the pace, but I didn't want to blow up and end up w/ a 2:20 half marathon.Jenny passed me at 11mi w/ good form and I tried as hard as I could to hold on...but she was just too fast...and I just stayed w/ what I had to the finish. Again, the leg strength just wasn't there. This wasn't going to be enuf for a PR, but keeping the cramps away was a big accomplishment heading into IMWI. Tom---the pickle juice sure seems to help, but its not real tasty when its been sitting in the sun for 3:45. 13.1mi in 2:04.

My transitions were uncharacteristically poor, T1 6:00 and T2 4:42. I guess I just wanted to double and triple check everything nutrition wise.

Overall time 5:50. 673/2043 overall.

Great job to all who raced. There were some big PR's set which are really going to raise the bar in 2016.

Thanks to all who came out to support, especially those who didn't have a family member racing. Triathlon isn't the most spectator friendly sport. But all competing hear your cheers.