Ironman 70.3 California, 04/02/16

Raced our first tri of the season today, Ironman 70.3 Oceanside, CA. This was our third time doing this race, and it never fails to disappoint w/ how brutally hard the bike course is. Short story...set a 4 min bike pr, but may have paid for it w hamstring cramps on the run. Swim and run were nothing special, but I was able to pull out a 0:10 PR on this course.

For those wanting details--Perfect weather. Low 50s and sunny at swim start. Water temp 62. It's a big, competitive race that had over 3300 participants start. My wave started near the back this yr, so there was a decent amount of traffic, especially early. Water got a little choppy as we approached the outer parts of the boat harbor closer to the ocean, but nothing too terrible. Finished w/ 40:40 for a course that may have been marked long. Bike starts out w relatively flat first 28mi, but the middle 14 provide relentless hills. As much as I might ride this during the winter on Computrainer, it's always much tougher when it's for real. I took it out pretty hard for the first 28, knowing the middle would knock my avg down pretty good...which it did. Then we had a head wind on the way home for the last 13mi...just for added pleasure. Dropped my chain at 52mi, but quickly recovered to finish in 3:00:48 (18.6 avg). Temps on the run weren't that bad...upper 60s w a nice ocean breeze. Unfortunately I could feel pretty early that my rt hamstring was going to be tight. Stretched it out many times in first 7mi. HR stayed steady in the 140s, so 9:20s pace was what I was going to have today. 2:03 half marathon. Total time 5:56:50. Happy for the PR and will be back next year.

Congrats and thks to Andrea and Nunez on great races and for their encouragement leading up to this event. The hills on the middle 14mi on the bike are unforgiving. Thks toKevin, Beth, Megan, Olivia, and Robert for their support.